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Easy Ways to Maintain and Care for Your Beard

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Growing and maintaining a beard requires occasional upkeeps. Growing and maintaining a great beard requires commitment. But regardless of what your facial aspirations are, you don’t have to suffer through it. Left alone, all beards will eventually head for the Canadian lumberjack headquarters. However, a well-maintained beard & Stache tells a lot about one’s character. The rule is simple, if you don’t like caring for your facial hair, you should not grow one.

Here are some simple tips to help you maintain a great beard and mustache:

Shave the bad spots

Unless you are going for the werewolf look, you don’t want patches of hair on your cheekbones and on your neck. While your beard and Stache take root, shave your cheekbones and the hair on your neck under the jaw. Shave and clean up the edges every two to three days.

Comb it early

Start combing your beard early on through the process. This will train your beard and Stache to grow uniformly, which enhances your look. It also gets unwanted particles out of your beard. Combing your beard only takes a few seconds and you will see the difference when your beard grows longer.

Don’t ignore the Stache

A great mustache translates to a great look. Keep the mustache trimmed and even. Decide if you want the Stache to standout by itself or blend in with the beard. If the Stache is going solo, then keep it a bit longer than the beard, but do not let it grow over your upper lip. Comb and Style the Stache (wax) to move to the sides as it grows longer. A long Stache should never be pointing to the ground.

Fix the itchiness and discomfort

Apply beard oil with oil comb to solve the itching and dryness problems. Use couple of drops of oil on the palm of your hand. Rub the tips of the oil comb (different from normal comb) on the oil and apply it to your face and under the beard (rubbing oil on your beard won’t do a thing). This process only takes a minute and it makes a huge difference in soothing your skin and easing the irritation.

Stop looking at it

While growing your beard and Stache, you need to avoid looking at yourself too much. In its infancy, your beard goes from funky to creepy. Just shave the cheekbones and the neck and leave the beard alone for now.

Stop styling until it’s ready

While growing your beard, you’ll often be tempted to trim and style it. Don’t! The best time to style your beard is when it’s properly grown. How do you know your beard is ready for styling? Well, if you can run your fingers through your beard and grab chunks of hair, you are ready for trimming and styling.

Do not wash with regular soap

Keep the regular soap away from your facial hair. You should use shampoo and conditioner or beard soap to wash your beard. The right shampoo, conditioner or beard soap make your beard soft and transition your facial hair from sharp pine needles to manageable teddy bear fluff.

Know when it's long enough

You must experiment with different length and style beards before finding your sweet spot. Take selfies every week and compare the pictures. At some point you’ll find your best look. Stay with that length and style but leave yourself open for occasional experimentation. Remember, the best thing about facial hair is that it always grows back.

Use quality trimmer

Quality trimming equipment gives you quality beard and Stache. Invest on trimmers that are cordless/rechargeable, have multiple head sizes and travel well.

Use quality products

Once your facial hair reaches certain prominence, you’ll need to use products. Always go with products that contain the highest quality ingredients. Having beard oil, beard oil comb, beard soap or shampoo and conditioner is a must. A good balm and wax will take you to the next level.

Let it define your style

You always can tell the difference between men who grow beard because they are too lazy to shave and those who make a style statement. Men who sport great beard stand out from the crowd. These men are self-aware and confident. Grow a beard that defines your personality and style. Spend the time to present your best look.

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