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How To Stop Itchy Beard And Stop Beard Dandruff

Every man with facial hair experiences dry, uncomfortable and itchy beard. The bigger the beard, the bigger the itch! In reality, it’s not the beard that feels the itch or dryness. It’s actually the skin under the beard that takes the beating. Your face often suffers from rubbing and inflammation caused by beard particles on the surface. Your skin also deals with extreme dryness. Beard particles in general keep moisture away from skin which in turn causes skin to crack. To bring comfort and relief back to facial hair, you must keep the skin directly under the beard fully hydrated. Additionally, to reduce contact and friction, skin must contain a layer of filtering from the beard.

Now, the question is, how?

To fix itchiness, dry beard and beard dandruff, you must have 4 items:

1. Beard Hydration Oil

2. Beard Hydration Comb

3. Beard Scrubber

4. Beard Cleanser

Beard Hydration Oil is different from regular beard oil. Unlike beard oil, the Beard Hydration Oil is applied to the surface of the face and under the beard. The Beard Hydration Oil is specifically designed to moisturize the surface of skin and create a filter between skin and beard follicles. You must use the Beard Hydration Comb to apply the Hydration Oil to the skin. The Beard Hydration Comb glides under your beard particles and applies the Hydration oil directly to the surface of your skin and under the beard where it attaches to the skin. The process generally takes less than a minute. The Beard Hydration Oil also keeps the skin from cracking and flaking.

Keeping skin clean will also have major impact on comfort, not to mention the reduction of beard dandruff. Beard Scrubber enable you to wash your skin directly by pushing the beard out of the way. The Beard Scrubber is designed to clean your face by working its way directly under your beard. The Beard Scrubber applies the Cleanser directly to your skin and removes bacteria and particles that cause infection, inflammation and discomfort.

Using the Beard Hydration and cleaning techniques once a day will drastically reduce itchiness, beard dandruff and discomfort.

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